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    Happy Families

    Full of love, happy go lucky and full of energy.

    I have purchased 2 puppies from this Phil Weber, one from Penny’s liter in 2015 and one from Snoopy’s liter in 2017. Both Jax and Mia are incredibly smart, easy to train, and didn’t skip a beat adjusting to their new homes. Phil spends a lot of time with the dogs getting them adjusted to new things.

    He was always welcoming anytime that I wanted to see the puppies before they were ready to come home. Both dogs do exceptionally well with my young nieces and nephew. They are full of love, happy go lucky and full of energy.

    — Carrie B.

    He’s the sweetest dog I’ve owned.

    I keep meaning to write to tell you how much our Augie Doggie means to us, especially me. He was a bit of a baby when we brought him home. So I would lie down in front of his crate and let him come out and snuggle with me until he fell asleep. Then I’d put him in his crate and he would sleep. Now, he stays close to me much of the time. He also likes to snuggle with my wife. 

    Augie loves to play with our other dog, they are great friends. I often get up in the night and go into the family room to read or pray, and he will come lay next to me, or lay his head on my lap. He also loves to play with me and I’ll get down on the floor and play like a dog with him. I’ve found he is a great cure for depression. If I’m ever feeling down I just get down on the floor and he’ll come play with me and cheer me up in no time. He’s the sweetest dog I’ve owned. Oh, he hit 35 lbs once he was fully grown.

    — Michael R.

    We are still in love with her.

    We got our WONDERFUL dog Islay from your Penny’s litter of puppies born April 13th, 2015.  We are still IN LOVE with her.  We have run into a family member,  a puppy from Molly’s litter that was about a month behind Penny’s at an indoor dog park called Dogwood close to Edmonds.  I asked where their puppy was from because they almost looked identical, so funny. Islay still loves her cream colored puppy that you had all of her litter mates lay on and play with she lays on it like a pillow.

    — Melanie H.

    He loves to play, cuddle, and go on walks.

    Sherman is a fun, energetic puppy who has brought endless joy into our lives. He loves to play, cuddle, and go on walks. Sherman is great with children, plays well with other dogs, and is overall the perfect puppy.

    — Angie A.